Cornwall must be a lovely place to reside if not helped more by the delightfully dynamic indie-rockers Auction For The Promise Club hailing from there. The trio made up of siblings Zoe and Toby White Chambers and friend Perran Tremewan have formed a rock ‘n’ roll persona with an upbeat vibe, which they will surely showcase on their debut album ‘Silence’ due for release this June. We spoke to Toby from the band about the album, recording at Abbey Road Studios, and their Record Store Day show.


Your latest single ‘See Through’ is an awesome rock tune. Can you tell us how the song came to be? 

It was written in a small cold room at an old train station between Chacewater and Blackwater.  The room and its ‘inhabitants’ are quite famous amongst the local Cornish music scene!

Your new album is out on June 9th. What can we expect from it?  

Hopefully it gets across the essence of the band, loud/quiet, atmosphere as well as in your face… hopefully, people feel it captures some of the energy of how the band is live.

‘See Through’ was released on Record Store Day. What do you think is the importance of the event? And did you pick up anything good this year?  

Its great for the Record Shops to have such a supportive national event.  I guess the shops went through hard times when records were less sort after but now the resurgence of vinyl must be a reward for shops that managed to get through it.

You’ve got a fair few festivals under your belt. What has been your favourite to play so far? And which do you want to play? 

Leopalloza near Bude is a great little festival, the crew are amazing and it draws brilliant bands right on our doorstep!  We have got to play Glastonbury one day…one day!

Do you think being siblings helps the band in any way? 

Hopefully?!  Knowing when to shut up… or not?!

You recorded your debut EP ‘One’ at Abbey Road Studios. What was that experience like? 

AMAZING! We managed to use every studio in the building! Even the echo chamber where we were told stories of Oasis setting off the fire alarm smoking in there and how the Beatles used the chamber on certain records.

Have any artists throughout your life influenced who you are as a band? 

Most probably, Radiohead, Bjork, Placebo etc

Can you tell us about any artists on the Cornwall music scene at the moment? 

There is a really good scene at the moment.  The Rezner played with us at the Record Store release gig, they were fab.  The Velvet Hands, Wolf Note, The Red Cords, Rosie Crow etc

Are there any tracks you are loving right now? 

Coco Rosie, Fever Ray, Circa Waves, Royal Blood

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Be excellent to each other!


Auction For The Promise Club’s debut album ‘Silence’ will be released on June 9.