Aquilo, the British duo behind the best heartbreaking, melancholy electronic pop you ever did hear, have recently released Silhouettes, their stunning debut full length album. We spoke to them about videos, collaborations, their rockier past and the future.


Can you tell us about your musical styles and experiences before you started Aquilo? 

We grew up in rock bands so we’ll always have a soft spot for rock music. Tom was really into progressive music. Bands like Explosions in The Sky, Mogwai, 65 Days of Static etc. I was a big Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Audioslave fan.


Has your rockier past influenced your current music?

Yeah, we suppose it has. Anything we listen to influences us and no-one can really help it. We suppose influences just change as you grow up and your mind opens up to more music.


Can you talk us through the Silhouettes Trilogy of videos?

For a previous EP we had an idea for a 2 part music video that went down pretty well. We teamed up with Eoin Glaister to work on it and he did a brilliant job. When it came to the end of making Silhouettes we were pretty clear in the mind we wanted a slightly larger scale take on what we’d done before. A simple story that showed different viewpoints of people involved in the same story. We give Eoin the credit for this one because without him it wouldn’t be anything. It’s really done the songs justice and if anything, given them a little more gravity.



Are there any bands, artists or non-musical influences helped you to think differently about making music and how?

We remember the first time we heard Mount Kimbie. At the time we weren’t so keen on the whole electronic thing but this was something different. It made us see it all a bit different I suppose. FINK was pretty influential too. Olafur Arnolds and SOHN would be two pretty big influences and we were able to work with them on the album.


Atmosphere is a big part of your sound, how do you capture the right feeling when recording?

Normally the best recordings happen when we’re writing the song because what we’re singing about makes more sense then. If it’s not then, recording in the evening or night time tends to get us in the mood.


Your music is very honest, how importance is a balance between authenticity and escapism?

Yeah it’s pretty important and it’s not something we’ve ever thought about. Sometimes if something we’re writing about is a little too close to home we’ll be a bit vague and metaphorical with our lyrics.


If you could soundtrack a film, which one would it be?

Hopefully in the future we’ll do film scores. We love film music. Wouldn’t mind re-doing the music for maybe Garden State?


What is the process of making music when there’s just two of you?

The process is different every time. Sometimes Tom might have some chords and a lyric and we’ll go from there or the other way round. Whoever has something, we just bring it to the table and have a look at it.


Who would you both most like to collaborate with and why?

We’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with people we’ve wanted over the past year or so. As of now, (in a dream world) we’d love to do something with Sigur Ros.


What’s next for you now the albums out?

We’re just going to go with the flow. We want to tour it as much as possible and of course, we’re just going to continue to write songs as they come.