Having just followed up the release of their debut album with the release of fantastic new track ‘Roaring’, and with a headline show in London coming up next week at The Pickle Factory (25th October), we thought we’d grab Apothek and have a little chat with them and get to know them that little bit more…
Your self-titled debut album is out now! How’ve you found the reaction to it so far?
The response has been great! It is very strange to have your work reviewed because you don’t necessarily view it as a product but as a process over the past few years.
For anyone that hasn’t listened to it yet, how would you summarise what they can expect from it?
Highs and lows, thrills and chills. We tried to blend the organic with the electronic, and create a personal record.
What kind of music, naming any artists/albums/tracks, in particular, would you say inspired you the most when creating the album?
Taylor Swift – 1989, Paul Simon – Graceland, Andre Bratten – Gode, David Bowie – Blackstar, Arca – Mutant, Tame Impala – Currents, Sufjan Stevens – Carrie and Lowell, Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear, Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels 2
What are you listening to mostly at the moment and why?
Nicholas Jaar – “Sirens” because I love the sound of it, and it is an unexpected journey.
Bon Iver – “22, A Million” because it takes the singer/songwriter to the edge of what is a human voice.
Frank Ocean – “Blonde” because I need a ring like Carmelo.
If you could go on tour with any artist that you wanted, who would it be and why?
That’s difficult because it would be fun to do an arena tour. Maybe, someone I don’t know that much about, like Bjørk.
Paul Simon has announced his retirement I think so I would like to be on that tour, also so I could see the show every night.
Which do you prefer; creating music or playing it live, and why?
Both! One precipitates the other on a bad day and allows for it on a good day.
What have been both your least and most favourite moments whilst performing live so far?
I loved playing the Hennie Onstad Art Centre in Oslo! Also, Scala in London supporting Susanne Sundfør.
I hated this one thing we did that was terrible and in full daylight. It was early on so once I lost confidence I was unable to get it back, lost my timing completely
You’ve got a headline show coming up in London – how are you feeling about that? Got anything special planned for it?
Really excited about it! We are rehearsing these days so there might be something that we haven’t played live before or maybe even something new.
Do you have any weird or wonderful pre-gig rituals?
I like to have a beer, and I like to stay out where the audience is, especially if I have friends there. I change shoes right before I go on.
What should we look out for from Apothek for the rest of the year?
More gigs, remixes, we will also be writing the next record!