Swedish artist Ängie has got to be one of the most controversial acts on our radar at the moment. Her latest video for ‘Spun’ has earned over 130,000 views in little over two months with snakes and whatnot being the staple of the surreal video. Her most popular track ‘Smoke Weed, Eat Pussy’ is teetering on 500,000 plays over on Spotify, so we thought it’d be a grand time to chat to her about her inspirations, her first gig outside of Sweden, and of course, ‘what songs to fuck to’. She’s also given us a playlist of ‘songs to get high’ to so we’re onto a winner here.


The video to ‘Spun’ is incredible. Can you tell us how you came up with the myriad of ideas you used?

I’m not sure. I have a brain that is constantly exploding with ideas, I Just follow my lead. But I wanted something girly but harder than the other videos… and I wanted a snake, so a snake I got.

‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’ is without a doubt your most popular track. What inspired the song?

Smoking weed and eating pussy… It’s really about moving on after my first girlfriend. I was so fucking sad, so I tried eating out girls and numbing my feels, and after a while, I really couldn’t care less about her. It worked for me so if you ever have a heartbreak, just follow my advice and get over that shit.

Most of your releases so far mainly revolve around sex and getting high. Why did you choose these themes and are there any others you would consider exploring?

I have a tonne of subjects, but I guess drugs ‘n’ sex are the most fun ones? I really like fuckin’ ‘n’ druggin’ and honestly, I think my crowd likes it that way haha!

You recently played your first London show which also happened to be your first outside of Sweden. 
How did you find it and how did the crowds compare?

It was really nice; I had fun. The audience wasn’t too crazy, but I got the feedback I needed after screaming ‘louder’ a few times… haha. The sound wasn’t that great either but hey, every gig is different from the other.

What are your favourite tracks to perform?

‘Coke Ain’t Brain’, ‘Dope’, ‘We Run’, ‘Housewife Spliffin’ and ‘Boss’ I think…?

Are there any Swedish acts you’d recommend to us?

Panda Da Panda, Little Jinder, LNKNT, Joy, Habz, Elliphant, Bud Stanks, Ambivalensen, Kent, Håkan Hellström, Maskinen, Far & Son, to name a few.

Have artists you’ve listened to throughout your life had an influence on you as an artist now?

Nah, maybe I don’t know. I get inspired by so many things. Somehow, I get influenced by 60’s vibes and gangster rap.

Are there any songs, specifically, that you think are/would be great to have sex to?

Of my own songs? I think ‘Dope’ and ‘Fuck Things Up’. But, if I had to choose one of my favourite “fuck” songs/bands I’d have to say Kent. Cheezyyyy.

Have you got anything special lined up for the rest of 2017?

It will be a surprise, but I’m planning to let some more music run free. Maybe some more videos and a vlog channel.


Ängie Picks… ‘Songs To Get High To’