You might already be familiar with Alex Ohm’s old music, but the ex-frontman of The Lines is back with a new approach and a great new sound. His recently released EP ‘At First A Drop, Then A Flood’ is a heartfelt collection of vibrant and powerful songs. We spoke to the singer about his change in sound, new influences and what to expect next.

‘Every Ocean’ is a great track, can you tell us the story behind it?

Thanks. It was written when my nephew was born. It’s sort of a song of advice: do what’s right for yourself in life. I used the imagery of being like a river as I think nature is such a powerful thing. A river is water and even though it may take years, it carves its own way. I like the idea of its unknowing persistence.
Who would you say are your biggest influences on this new solo project?

I’ve been listening to a whole range of artists and trying to incorporate different sounds into the new tracks. I’ve been enjoying the new Bon Iver album as well as Bill Ryder Jones. I’ve also been listening to the cinematic orchestra, Bonobo, Foals, Sivu, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, let’s not forget. The list could go on forever. There’s so much great music out there.

What was your proudest achievement from your time as frontman in The Lines?

Being a part of The Lines. We achieved some great things and I took some great memories from it. Headlining the Civic Hall and supporting Ian Brown in Amsterdam are up there in terms of proudest achievements.
How have you approached this solo project differently to The Lines?

I guess I’ve been a little more experimental. It’s been fun working with other musicians and experimenting with ideas; letting them put their influences on songs.
Is there a song which you are most proud of, if so, why?

That’s a tricky one. They’re all my baby’s you know. Shouldn’t love one more than the others should you? I’m really happy with Through the Storm in terms of lyrical content and composition but all the recordings and the songs that I’m recording at the moment are sounding unbelievable.
How, if at all, has your area or scene affected your music?

The area has influenced my music in terms of giving me things to write about. There are stark contrast between beauty and decay (in which also lies beauty) and this provides a great basis for ideas. You can go from rolling hills to boarded up houses in the space of minutes. I kind of like that though.

What can we expect from you next?

I have other gigs in the pipeline which I’m looking forward to playing. I will also be putting out another single or maybe an EP at some point. I hope to get in the studio to get some new recordings down too. I’ve got a couple of new songs I can’t wait to get down.

Alex Ohm’s EP ‘At First A Drop, Then A Flood’ is available now.