Influenced by the likes of funk, pop, soul & lots more to list off, half•alive shine a charming yet remarkable glitter across the whole new album “Now, Not Yet”

Evolving trio half•alive have been creating quite a buzz over the past couple of years with their ever growing musicianship. Out August 9th, the debut album “Now, Not Yet” visits many avenues that the outfit hadn’t even crossed until now. 

As a first track, you need something that’s going to grab your attention from the get go. Roaring in with an electrifying sound “ok ok?” breaks up to an off-beat like rhythm that gets stuck into your bones. It’s a strong starter. Now, let’s grab the main course! Diving it at number two is the previously released single “RUNAWAY”. With already over 1.5 million streams, it’s intelligible nature lies a hidden meaning. Crossed with a fusion of indie pop with rock, lead single Josh Taylor faces the person he has become, and as a reaction, tries to runaway. 

A dance floor anthem that has you questioning it’s true meaning, there’s no question that “Maybe” is a hit. Jiving into tomorrow with it’s best shoes, it’s a go to song for the outfit. Believe me, “The Notion” may be short and sweet, but it’s significant power gives the album the motivation to keep on thriving. Uplifting momentum, the track is simply a chin wag of disbelief, but trust us, it shines a true light.

Their most played track on streaming sites “still feel.” is the lovechild of Snarky Puppy meets Two Door Cinema Club. Sparking hope, the lyrical quality tells a story of choosing to keep on fighting through mental health problems. Relatable for millions around the world, it’s no wonder this is Half Alive’s most favourite track with fans. “TrusT” is split into complex sections. Beginning with a luscious trumpet-jazz arrangement, the indie anthem sets it’s eyes on becoming more of an indie-pop groove. Trusting their gut instincts, hearing the song be split into these sections gives the band that extra versatility. An unpredictable track that leaps you more into the process. 

Discussing the unwanted changes, “arrow” pleads for things to become slower and steady. Fiercely, the arrangement keeps progressing and moving forwards, creating this opposite attraction. A wondrous rhythmical number that once again, may lead you to a dance floor near you! “Pure Gold” tells a story of a red light to green light process. Thinking before you speak and do, it’s a motivational sound that just keeps on giving. 

Featuring Kimbra, “ice cold” features a chorus that won’t leave your head anytime soon. Mainstream and fitting perfectly in today’s digital sounding age, the indie banger fuses many influences. Ain’t no rest until the bank account is peaking” is just one of the many amazing lyrics on this LP. Telling the story about how humans can over work ourselves to get our goals, the pulse of this track feels tiring and mirrors “Rest” with every detail. 

“BREAKFAST” is the most important meal of the day and so is this tune. Needed for all the nutrients to have a healthy day, stick this on in the morning, it’ll motivate you to greatness. “creature” takes us straight to the finish with open arms and a friendly goodbye. An exceptional first album from Half Alive who as we all know are becoming the next big thing. 

Out this Friday… you’re in for a treat.

Tour Dates:

12/11 – London, UK – Electric Brixton

13/11 – Birmingham, UK – o2 Institue 3

14/11 – Manchester, UK – Gorilla

17/11 – Glasgow, UK – King Tuts