affairsThe fantastic Affairs are playing our monthly Future Cuts gig at The Finsbury Pub in London this Saturday (18th). To celebrate, we’ve got them to create a playlist of all the music on their live ‘bucketlist’. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a little Q and A to get you even more excited.

You’ve gigged with quite a few bands now, what have been your favourite tour memories?

Anything new is always brilliant to us. As well as performing AFFAIRS makes us meet people and go places that wouldn’t ever meet or go to which is the really interesting bit. It’s always great to meet up with promoters or other bands we have played with in past. One that always sticks with me us when we toured with Nothing But Thieves. Fair bit of partying going down. Returning to Hull for last year’s Humber Street Sesh was a highlight. The crowd were really on form and oh were there a lot of them. The setting was just right to make the memory. The sun was just going down during one of the more down beat atmospheric songs towards the middle of the set. Stuff kicked off after it got dark.

You’ve described your sound as ‘doom-pop’, how would you describe this new genre in five words or less?

Dark, Shiny, Polished, Indie, Pop.

Do you have any pre or post-gig rituals?

We don’t really have anything out of the ordinary. One thing I will say that killing time can be a dangerous thing ha. We are pretty into our craft beers so always looking to try something new if we come across it. When you have a few hours to kill before a show maybe sometimes a few too many of these can get thrown back. Luckily we have learnt to make this just fuel the fire when were on stage.

How do you think your music translates or changes in a live performances?

I think we used to get far too bogged down in trying to exactly replicate the record when playing them live which looking back retracted any element of spontaneity or surprise. More recently we have just focused on putting on an awesome show.  One thing we have always tried to keep though everything is the big production. We want to smack people across the face with sound when we start our sets.  The set are really quite energetic but we try and pair this quality with ambient atmospheric sections to add some light and shade to the set. Think the audience need a rest as much as we do.

What can we expect from you in the future?

We have some big things coming up in 2017, several new single releases as well as a new EP which we will be touring the UK venue and festival circuit with as well as working with some very interesting people. But I may have said too much…….Keep your peepers peeled on for any news and gig details.


  1. Bonobo – Kong

Most recent show I went to. Had a full night of Bonobo action. Firstly, catching his live show then onto a DJ set of his. I love the way his live set can take you from dancing around like there’s no one watching one minute at the likes of Kong then in complete ore from a beautiful orchestral section in the next. I love how he has integrated a live band into what would normally be a very lonesome electronic set up and made it something you can party to and something you can reflect to.   (Liam)

  1. Wild Beasts – Reach a bit Further

Last saw them at Manchester Academy and the sound was absolutely perfect. Hearing it live was enhancement on the record. (Daniel)

  1. Future Islands – Ran

I love the melancholy sound these guys have and after seeing their live performances on TV I really have wanted to play a gig with them…mainly to see if our singer can out-dance theirs. (Mike)

  1. Glass Animals – Pork Soda

Saw these guys recently at Academy 2 and was blown away by their stage presence and live performance. Felt myself moving along to every song and the more pints that went down the more I wanted to get on stage with these guys and drop down to my knees. (Jack)

  1. The National – About Today

Loved this band for a long time now but never had the opportunity to see them live before. They’ve been going for years but have managed to maintain such a high standard in everything they release – Can’t think of an album of theirs which I haven’t enjoyed. Matt Berninger’s lyrics also often resonate with me, so would love to hear them live. Definitely at the top of my to see list.

  1. Washed Out – Feel It All Around

I have literally wanted to catch this guy since I first heard it but I don’t think he has been across to the UK in a long time. This is the kind of thing I want to catch just as the sun is setting at a festival abroad. (Liam)

  1. Foals – Spanish Sahara

I have seen them quite a few times and I am always amazed by the intricacies and attention to detail throughout their whole show. It’s more than just about music, there is a developing light show which peaks and troughs in tandem with the music. (Daniel)

  1. Glass Animals – Cane Shuga

After finding out about these guys way back in 2014 when they were about to drop their first album I fell in love with their unique, fresh sound. I did get to see them at Beacons Festival the following year and after hearing their second album they are definitely on my list of bands to gig with. (Mike)

  1. Vampire Weekend – Step

I have been a fan of these guys for years and their first album brings back lots of nostalgia. Who doesn’t remember jumping up and down A-Punk in their teens? Would love to see these guys on a smaller stage, but can’t see it happening as they’ve just got bigger and better. (Jack)

  1. Bon Iver – (22) Over Soon

I last saw him in 2011 when he was touring his second album and this gig stays with me for a number of reasons. Justin Vernon’s live vocals performance was one of the best I’ve ever heard and the band were equally stunning. Despite playing to a a full arena, the emotional connection he maintained with the audience as like nothing I’d seen before at a gig of that size. Flume in particular reduced many to tears. (James)