• METZ Need No Introduction. ‘Mr Plague’ Is A Firm Reminder Of How Important They Are Right Now

    April 22, 2018  /  Metz


    Location: Canada FFO: Pissed Jeans, IDLES, Shellac Label: Sub Pop Records Metz have cemented themselves fully as one of the best contemporary punk rock bands. With latest single ‘Mr Plague’ on album ‘Strange Peace’, [READ MORE]

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  • You’re all welcome in AURORA’s ‘Queendom’: The alt-pop royal has returned

    April 21, 2018  /  AURORA


    Location: Bergen, Norway FFO: Tula, Skott, Dream Lake Label: Decca Records ; Universal Music Operations Ltd. The Norweigan alt-pop queen has returned. Perhaps named after the famed Northern Lights, AURORA‘s ethereal alt-pop electronica is one [READ MORE]

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  • Island Club hope to change your world with the groovy ‘Submarine’

    April 20, 2018  /  Island Club

    Location: Brighton FFO: Model Aeroplanes, Paris Youth Foundation Label: LAB Records Indie band Island Club are attempting to change the world one catchy song at a time and have added to their contribution with the [READ MORE]

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