She’s recently released her debut album Please Be Mine, which has seen a fairly impressive reaction both online and otherwise. She’s also just been over at SXSW and on Friday she released the Jordan Moser directed video for the album’s gorgeous title track, which you can watch below.

What was it like when you first got into writing and performing music?

It took me a while to gain the confidence to attempt either. Performing came first for me, I would push myself to face that fear while I was in high school and then later I decided to major in performance in college. I used to be severely nervous about singing in front of others. The fear would consume me. But pushing past it and practicing helped me get over it. I didn’t fully attempt songwriting until I started writing Please Be Mine in 2013.

There’s quite a nostalgic sound to your music, but are there any influences in your music which we might not at first expect?

Hmm, I’ve always been fascinated by main stream pop stars. Vocally I used to mimic Christina Aguilera when I was in middle school. I think that definitely had a big impact on how I sing today.

The instruments and vocals on the album were all recorded live, what was the decision behind that?

A couple of reasons. I had only saved up a certain amount of money to record the album so I didn’t have the luxury of spending infinite amounts of time in the studio. But I think for this record, I didn’t want to over think the recording process. I wanted the recordings to mirror our live shows as much as possible and then Dan Duszynski (engineer and co-producer) worked all of his magic in the mixing process. I actually didn’t intend on recording vocals live. I thought I would over dub those later but then we ended up liking how they sounded live.

You have quite a strong vocal style with a lot of personality, have any singers helped inspire you to ‘find your voice’?

Thank you so much! And yes, many singers have inspired me. Like I said before I grew up loving main stream pop but then also found jazz. I think over the years I’ve meshed the two together in my own way of singing. I feel inspired by so many women vocalists. To name a few: Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone, Peggy Lee, and Billie Holiday.

Your debut album has seen universal acclaim, but what has the journey to this point been like for you?

Ah, wow, thank you. I hope people are enjoying the album. The journey up to this point in my life has been a lot of hard work, practice, and overcoming fears.

Your parents both work in the movie business, has that exposure to show business affected your music in any way?

I think that they showed me at an early age that you can follow your passions and make a life out of it. They both inspire me constantly so that definitely has an affect on my music.

If your music could soundtrack a film, which one would it be and why?

I’m going to go with my gut and say “When Harry Met Sally”, haha. I don’t think I could fully soundtrack that, but maybe a song or two.

You can catch Molly perform at the following dates and locations: 

05/28 – London, UK – Green Man Festival Presents: Courtyard @ King’s Cross
05/29 – Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club (Games Room)
05/30 – Glasgow, UK – Glad Cafe
05/31 – Manchester, UK – Soup Kitchen
06/01 – London, UK – Sebright Arms 
06/02 – Brighton, UK – The Joker