Returning to the wondrous setting of the Peak District in Derbyshire, Y NOT? Festival is back and better than ever.

The lineup this year is pretty darn great, it can be a bit overwhelming to look at in fact, but do not FEAR! For we’ve saved you a bit of trouble and gone and picked out the six gems that you definitely cannot miss across the weekend.


Meet, Sam Kelly (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Daniel Hylton-Nuamah (Guitar), Lyle Simpson (Drums), Ellis Mortimer (Bass, Synth, and Backing Vocals), and Ashley Mulimba (Vocals). Together they are North London five-piece, Haus. They’ve so forth released a whole massive stream of excellent tracks, from ‘Say What You See’ to the more recent ‘Don’t Care Enough’, they make angry you can sing along to, whilst also having the best dance of your life.


York’s indie-rockers King No-One will be heading to Y Not this year, their recent track ‘Antichrist’, released back in February, was reminiscent to the likes of Elliot Minor from back in the day, but with their own rock/dance edge that will have you chanting along at the top of your lungs in 0.5 seconds. Don’t believe us, go test it for yourself?


We have been falling more and more in love with Matt Wills with each and every release this year so far. From The 1975/Lany-esq sounds of ‘Virtue’ to the highly infectious melodies of ‘Wallflower’. We can’t wait to be down the front, swaying heavily, screaming “I’ll wait for you” right back at Matt. Join us.


Sugarthief have had quite the year so far, the release of new track ‘When Did It All Go So Wrong’, with the video created by ourselves here at Born Music, they’ve been reveling in a fair amount of Midlands buzz ever since. Now becoming a regular on the Birmingham music scene, we’re sure that this is the beginning of very great things to come from these lads.


What can we say about our beloved Declan? He’s more than just a musician. He’s become an excellent role model for young people everywhere. His debut album came out earlier this year which cemented him as wise and talented beyond his years, with the kind of mature songwriting that a lot of musicians don’t achieve in their whole lives. Expect plenty of glitter, a fantastic show and more than one singalong.


One of the, if not the best, debut albums to come from this year so far has been from Blaenavon. Paving the way back from extinction for alternative rock, their slow, calculated music can only fully be appreciated live. Go check them out, and we promise, you’ll quite literally be blown away.

Y Not Festival is currently sold out, but for more information please visit here.