Bestival is incredibly well known, not just for its high calibre line-ups, but also for the other immersive and massively creative things that it has to offer. We’ve collated just a few of many that you should definitely make it your mission to throw yourselves into (literally in some cases).



Situated in the astonishing Magic Meadow, the ‘Shady Lady’ pirate ship will be providing you with the uniquely wondrous stars of carnival to open your mind and free your soul.
With a whole multitude of all the D’s (Drag artists, DJs, Dancers and Drummers) there’ll be plenty going on for you to engross yourself in for the whole weekend.
The carnival is produced by Kirsty Henderson in collaboration with Bestival, Shademakers and the Arts Council of England, that’s a whole load of incredibly creative minds put together, so you can be sure to have no doubts that it will completely blow your mind.
If you don’t make it over to the Magic Meadow, be sure to keep your eyes peeled (though we’re sure it won’t be too difficult) for Cirque Bijou, who’ll be bringing the carnival spirit to the rest of the site with awe-inspiring acrobatics, juggling and stilt walking.

The Love Bot

We here at Born LOVE The Love Bot, what’s not to love about an eight metre tall, four tonne, peace bringing robot full of love?!
This bionic wonder will be based around the Robin Hill site on Grassy Hill, using sensory detectors to feel the affection that you will 100% want to give, then using your happiness to further spread the joy, love and general good vibes to everyone else. This is definitely the place to be on those hungover mornings…

Bouncy Castle

The World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle

This year Bestival are bringing you an all time festival first! If you weren’t already aware of how lucky you are… we’re sure you will be now.
Make sure you head to the fun and games area, where you’ll be able to fully unleash your inner child that we all know is desperate to come out, this bouncy castle comes in at 23.8 metres long, 12.8 metres high and a fantastic 20.7 metres wide, even if you’re not up for a bounce, this is definitely something you need to see to believe.


Samsung VR Experience

The brilliant minds at Samsung have amazingly teamed up with Biffy Clyro to bring you a whole new, 100% interactive music experience: a virtual reality music video. Sounds amazing, right? All you have to do is stick on a VR headset and allow yourself to be thrown in to the middle of the lovely Scottish lads.
The Samsung Hypercube has been making its way around UK festivals this summer, allowing 50 people at a time to virtually experience the video. It uses VR technology and 360-degree cameras that are becoming more and more popular in recent times… if you’re worried you might miss out on this, don’t worry, the hypercube stands at a massive three stories high and is pretty unmissable. Oh, and before we forget, it’s free.

Ambient Forest

The Ambient Forest

The Ambient Forest is perhaps one of THE most creative parts of Bestival, utilising the treetops to lock a mass of colours into the forest, this is a real sensory treat.
It’s not just the colours that will be blowing your mind though, as in between the trees lies a world of entertainment, including The Amphitheatre and plenty of fun and games for you to lose yourself in. Both day and night, the forest will be full of spectacles, the night time especially, full of music, dancing, comedy and plenty of sparkles from the Sink the Pink team.