15 years after the Secret Garden Party graced us with its delightful atmosphere and music, 2017 will be the last one. Let us bow our heads in a moment of silence. And then celebrate five acts you will have to catch next weekend! (20 – 23 July)

The Moonlandingz

Ouija Psych Pop Super group, The Moonlandingz will surely bring their own brand of bonkers to SGP. You just have to look at their song names to see what you’re getting yourself into (looking at you ‘The Rabies Are Back’. They’ll definitely be worth a watch for something super unique.


Kate Nash

In a recent interview with us, it sounds like Kate Nash has been majorly busy, what with planning her ‘Made Of Bricks’ 10 year anniversary tour, a new album, and starring in new hit Netflix wrestling show, GLOW. She’s set to bring hits old and new to the stage, and we honestly CANNOT wait.



If you want a treat, Toothless will be giving you a taste of their latest EP ‘Palms’ at SGP. Not only that, but you might even get the sweet, sweet sounds of Sufjan Stevens through their cover of ‘That Dress Looks Nice On You’.



It’s only been about a month since we were treated to Mabel’s ‘Bedroom’ EP and she’s now on the festival road. Her musical heritage is astonishing, and is so prominent in her work that she’s one of the best RnB newcomers around.



It’s a pure crime that we haven’t heard from everyone’s favourite queer duo, Nimmo since October last year in terms of new music. Fear not, as they will be showcasing what they do have at SGP, and ‘Dancing Makes Us Brave’ will be just the tune to get down to next week.


The final ever Secret Garden Party takes place 20 – 23 July 2017