Shura – Saturday

 Following the release of her highly anticipated debut album ‘Nothing’s Real’, the reaction has been immense. Incorporating old soundclips from her childhood has made the whole effort an incredibly personal one, her emotional and more importantly relatable lyrics has rapidly increased and there’s definitely no sign of that slowing down. ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ is perhaps the best representation of her music, fully showcasing the catchy synths, relatable lyrics and her dreamlike vocals.

The 2 Bears – Saturday

Formed back in 2009, The 2 Bears are a musical duo to be reckoned with, comprised of Raf Rundell and Joe Goddard (the same Joe from electronic Gods, Hot Chip). They successfully combine strong Hip Hop beats and bars with pulsating bass and electronica to create something that will get you dancing and have you attempting to sing along in absolutely no time at all.

Spring King – Friday

Quickly becoming masters of live performance, indie-rockers Spring King have used the recent release of their debut album ‘Tell Me If You Like To’, to fling themselves into the musical stratosphere. You’ll be sure to see a lot of dancing, surprising mosh pits and a lot of hearty sing-alongs with these guys, after all they really know how to put together an insanely catchy riff and ridiculously infectious, repetitive lyrics. What’s even better, is that their frontman is also their drummer, it’s always great when bands shake things up a bit, isn’t it?

Loyle Carner – Thursday

This British rap artist from South London is a surprisingly sensitive beauty. Perhaps the most eloquent of modern day hip-hop artists, increasingly impressing people with his tendencies to freestyle on stage. If his smooth and ever popular tracks aren’t enough to impress you though, perhaps his spoken word or poetry will. Loyle Carner is a highly talented guy, but not only that he’s also an all round lovely guy; currently setting up a cooking school for 14-16 year olds with ADHD.

The Big Moon – Saturday

This London quartet is giving indie music back its attitude and providing us with some impressive harmonies and guitar sounds while they’re at it. Their performances are always high energy and despite only really being around for just over a year, they’ve finely tuned their live sets and are continuously getting better and better, fall in love with ‘Cupid’ and then get excited about putting them on your weekend schedule.