The last instalment of our Top 10 Tracks of 2016 straight from some of your favourite artists concludes with a selection from none other than Lea Porcelain. We got the two guys to list their favourite tracks of the year and explain why exactly they’ve stood out to them so much this year. It’s made for quite a good few stories to tell, you’re welcome! Listen to their recent track ‘Similar Familiar’ and then throw yourselves into a selection rich both in quality and reason. (Listen to the selection in full via our Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page.)

Amanda Bergmann – Golden 

Found this heart piece on my favourite radio – Byte.fm in Hamburg. It’s a little corny actually… but just so much to remember how beautiful cheesiness can be.


Kate Tempest – Europe Is Lost 

Extraordinarily strong statement addressing Europe’s contradictories. 


Bon Iver – 22, {over soon}

Saw Justin’s exclusive gigs in Berlin’s Funkhaus about 4 times live and it was an incredible experience. This insane opener combines modernist sound and gut wrenching emotions all in one. 


Exploded View – No More Parties In The Attic

Anika’s new project. Everything she does is cool, she doesn’t seem to even try. This pearl sounds like a bunker party at the centre of the underworld. She’s a queen… and very good friend.


Ry X – Sweat 

This release was long awaited. Why I think this track is more outstanding than the general ‘Hit’ – it simply touches the most fragile and naked part of my soul. Ry is a good friend and became a mentor to us from song #1 and during our time in London. 


Yak – Hungry Heart

Most inspirational live band in years. Saw them on field day last year in Victoria Park, where we lived and were fascinated. This song is still stuck in the head.


Magical Cloudz – Downtown 

Great Duo from Montreal, unfortunately, they split in 2016. The track is actually from late last year but it grew on us so much this summer that we have to mention it here. A Beautiful reminder of life.


Radiohead – Ful Stop 

As if our heroes would’ve teamed up with Soft Moon, this track was blasting in our studio on repeat, every time we packed our stuff for a show. 


Skepta – Shutdown

I remember we got invited to a birthday party near Brick Lane by Kandice a.k.a. Sandy Bells. I expected a crate of beer and a few friends on a couch. When we arrived there were over 200 people, a boiler room, weed in the air and a black man on the mic, so vital, so dynamic, so authentic. That was the first time we saw Skepta performing. People went mental and that song stuck in my head since. 


David Bowie – Lazarus 

How can you announce your own death with a song and take your own body and skin and turn it into a form of art? This was the first and is now the last thing of the year that shocks me most and it still gives me goosebumps. He died a day before my birthday and that night we and the crew went out to Berlin Schöneberg, where he used to live with Iggy Pop. We found streets of flowers and candles and Bowie’s favourite bar full of people celebrating him, thankfully. 


Listen to their selection in full over on our Spotify below.