Currently closing the UK stretch of their tour, The Districts took the opportunity to discuss the highs and lows of touring.

(They’ve also made us a lil playlist of the tracks they’ve been listening to!)

Best show of the tour so far? 

Nottingham – Bodega


Most energetic crowd?

Cambridge – Portland Arms


Weirdest thing to happen to you on stage?

Someone through a blood sausage and hit Connor in the face during a set in Edinburgh.


Biggest mistake on stage?

Hmm Rob fell off the dang thing once and got pretty hurt.


Biggest win?

Seeing those smiling faces and boppin heads.


Favourite song to play?



Favourite part of playing live?

Hitting my tubs hard and rocking out with my best buds.


Favourite location to play?

Probably Japan. Only played there once but want to back so badly.


Tour playlist: