Like it or not Meme’s have taken the internet by storm.

Not a day goes by when Twitter is not filled with the joy and hilarity of a meme or two! So, why wouldn’t we celebrate the 10 that have tickled our fancies the most?

10. Eminem – ‘Fall’

“Old man yells at cloud” – Tobias Pugh

9. Childish Gambino – ‘This Is America’

It seems literally nothing can escape the unstoppable force of meme-ing. Even Childish Gambino’s politically charged masterpiece didn’t escape the clutches of Reddit, taking it’s shock-and-awe imagery and brutal violence and turning them into memes about Fortnite, hayfever, washing your hands and the new Avengers film. Ironically, it kind of misses the whole point of the video – but memes will be memes I suppose. – James Makin

8. Undertale, OST – ‘Megalovania’

Released in 2015, Undertale is a smart, witty, genre-bending and fantastic entry into the world of RPGs. Breaking convention at every corner, Undertale was created by just one man, Toby Fox. I’m sure even Fox would not have foreshadowed the fervent and rapturous reception the game would get, and the massive fanbase it would acquire. It could easily be argued that this success is warranted; for a game made exclusively by one man, Undertale is a spectacular achievement.

A lot of Undertale’s success has come from it’s character. There is individuality and originality in spades in this video game. Fox even composed the game itself.

‘Megalovania’ is one such song composed by Fox, and scores one of the most memorable moments in the game. It has also become part of one of the biggest memes of 2018. Is this meme that clever? No. Is it quite tiresome? Yes. But, we here at Born have just one thing to say. Is that Sans Undertale? – Charlie Leach

7. Toto – ‘Africa’

It’s the quintessential song for getting white people turnt. The yacht rock masterpiece that refuses to die, ‘Africa’ by Toto, has officially reached legend status, becoming the feature of too many music Twitter memes to mention. This year, our love for this song reached a peak, getting covered by Weezer to become their best release in the past five years (don’t @ me) and being played non-stop at a Bristol club night. – Molly Forsyth 

6. Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino

“I’m going to type every word I know! Rectangle. America. Megaphone. Monday. Butthole.” TP

5. Baddiel & Skinner – ‘Three Lions’

For anyone living in England around the month of June this year, it was impossible to escape the bombastic sound of Baddiel & Skinner’s 1996 anthem, and more specifically the idea that it was “coming home.” It, of course, meaning football, and that haunting lyric became a nationally recognised greeting – a mantra, if you will, for those exciting few months.

In between winning a penalty shoot-out for the first time in our World Cup history, Southgate’s marvellous waistcoat and Trippier’s storming free-kick, 2018’s World Cup brought England a vibe unlike any other. Genuine excitement, hope and a reignited love for the team that stood ready to break England’s terrible World Cup curse. But, for all the meme-fuelled chants and “It’s coming home” furore that graced the internet – It simply wasn’t to be.

The World Cup didn’t come home, but football certainly did… if only for a moment. – James Makin

4. Drake – ‘In My Feelings’

Not just a meme but it’s been declared as a ‘cultural moment of the year’ by Spotify. Not only inspiring a flurry of memes but it’s own viral dance challenge. It’s pretty clear that Drake is, like it or not, the king of memes, an internet zeitgeist if you will and there should be no question as to why this is in this list. Remember when he photoshopped himself on Rihanna’s shoulder? He’s certainly got a sense of humour.

So, Kiki, do you love me?? – Samantha Daly

3. Kanyé West – ‘Lift Yourself’

It’s April 27th, 2018. Jim turns on his iPhone and begins his morning routine, taking a stroll through the Twitter verse, a meandering, ordinary start to an ordinary day. His eyes stop scrolling a moment through the tweet-like fog and land upon a single line. “Kanye has released a new song”. Jim’s eyes light up. Maybe this will be the one, the one to bring Mr West back into our hearts. Jim frantically types into his search bar, and finds himself on the fated hub of all things Ye. Right there, on that front page, he sees just a small, unassuming image. For many, this would be just another image to add to the abyss of the internet. But for Jim, this could be the holy grail. Clicking the image, Jim downloads the master for Mr West’s new song. ‘Lift Yourself’. Jim clenches his fist and closes his eyes. With a giddy excitement, he hits play.

A sound begins to fill Jim’s ears. But not just any sound. This is a beautiful, serene sound. Soul music. Jim grins. “He is back”, whispers Jim. The anticipation is eating his insides. The angelic soul sample is like honey to a bee, and brings out a whimper in Jim. Now, Jim must wait. He knows Mr West will greet his ears soon. The sample gives way, replaced by a thumping 808 kick drum and devilish bass. Jim is ready. Mr West begins to speak. Jim shakes with excitement. Jim hears the most of holy of bars: ‘This next verse though, this next verse though’. Jim prepares himself. This is the moment he has been waiting for. All these years, waiting for the return of Mr West, and now is the time.

‘Poopy-di-scoop. Scoop-diddy-whoop’. CL

2. Ariana Grande – ‘thank u, next’

2018 was the year for full-scale Noughties revival and boy, did Ariana Grande excel in this regard. The Noughties were an era of R&B-lite bops and Max Martin hyper-chrouses, as well as overexposure and reckless celebrity behaviour. Grande has revived all these things both gladly (The Sweetener album, Pete Davidson… initially) and unwillingly (the devastating Manchester bombings and her ex Mac Miller’s untimely death). Following a whirlwind 18 months marked by tragedy and heartbreak, she surprised-dropped her part break-up, part self-love anthem ‘thank u, next’, spawning a phrase that pretty much can apply to anything you ain’t got time for. Even everyone’s ‘favourite’ morning TV clown Piers Morgan got in on the action. Memeworthy indeed. – MF

1. Kanye West & Lil Pump – ‘I Love It’

As stated at the top of this article, there’s been a few questionable outings this year. This is definitely one of them. Debuted at the inaugural Pornhub Awards of which Kanye West was creative director, ‘I Love It’ sees him team up with viral meme teen Lil Pump for another officiously viral outing. Taking West’s recent output into account, that this was the next logical step was hardly surprising, however the base lyrical content makes his work on Yeezus and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy seem like a distant memory.

Bopping down a clinical corridor in weird, square costumes (that Kanye has been selling on his online store for $200, fyi) featuring a cameo from comedian Adele Givens demanding more orgasms, the video only gets stranger and more uncomfortable when you notice that the dolls in the cubicles on either side of the corridor are actually real girls wrapped up in big stockings. To date the video has had over 334 million views. It charted. Need we say more? – Kayleigh Watson