Oxford’s Truck Festival is fast approaching for its 20th edition, so we saved you some time and listed 10 acts that you can’t miss.

Truck Festival has really gone above and beyond this year with their lineup, they’ve become an indie hub with big names from The Libertines and The Vaccines headlining, to little indie gems further down the lineup. The weekend will be one of good times, great discoveries and a whole lot of great music… so behold, 10 acts that will definitely ensure all of that happens.

Low Island

Oxford’s Low Island will be gracing Truck festival with their electronic, introspective music. Following the release of the debut EP, they’ve been our go-to act for relaxed yet intense electro-pop and we’re certain that their set at Truck will only cement their position.

The Orielles

We’ve always been in awe of The Orielles, but this year specifically they’ve really up’d their game. The West-Yorkshire trio, impressively signed to Heavenly Records have been delivering indie-pop, surf-grunge gems, most prominently in recent single, ‘I Only Bought It For The Bottle’.


They made a tremendous comeback recently, with a majestic pop banger ‘I Can’t See’ not to mention a slot on the incredibly exciting Dirty Hit tour earlier this year. We could not be happier to see their return and we’re certain their set at Truck will be an ultimate highlight of the weekend.


If there are any guaranteed singalongs, then singing along to the chorus of Palace’s ‘Bitter’ is definitely one of them. There are plenty more reasons as to why you should be right there at the front for their set, but that one is pretty strong on its own.


Bloxx have quite literally stolen our hearts this year, their ridiculously infectious chorus’, guitar riffs and super relatable lyrics are the perfect combination for good times all round. There aren’t many other new music acts that we’re quite as excited about as these here.

Loyle Carner

He’s got massive amounts of talent, is endlessly cool and to top it off he’s a nice guy all round, hell, he even brought him Mum out during his Glasto set… If you want to see some pure talent, heartfelt stories and to generally be made to say ‘wow’ a lot, then Loyle Carner’s set is the place to be.

Dream Wife 

The new indie rockers with infusions of punk attitude that you can’t help but love. Dream Wife are the band standing up for your right to be angry, defend yourself and to generally boost your self-worth. What more could you want from a band?

Goat Girl

We don’t know much about this band, they’re keeping things pretty close to their chest. But they almost came out of nowhere and instantly made a massive impression throughout the music industry; ‘Country Sleaze’ is one of the best tracks to come from them so far. We’ll be there right at the front for this one and so should you be.


This Gloucestershire duo wooed their way into our ears last year with some pretty stunning vocal harmonies and chilled out instrumentation. Fast forward a year and they’ve just shared a track that they made with Tourist and now we can officially say that there will be fewer happy, relaxed faces than in the crowd at Ardyn’s Truck Fest set.


Our favourite Spanish indie-rockers, Hinds, have been away for a while, busy making the follow-up album to their debut which certainly raised a few nods across the globe. Plus they’ve been on a pretty sparse tour outside of Europe, let’s just say… Truck Fest is going to be one mega mini UK reunion and we can’t wait.