Welcoming us to the neighbourhood for its second year, Neighbourhood Festival has somehow managed to top last years incredible lineup?!

We’re very excited that Neighbourhood has returned for its second year in Manchester (and first in Lincoln… but we’ll get to that later), so we’ve spent quite a long time inspecting the lineup. It took us a while (no, really) but we’ve somehow reached a decision over our top 10 recommendations of who you absolutely cannot miss at this year’s event.

Get Inuit

We’ve unintentionally been following these around this summer, from festival to festival and gig to gig. But each time we are even more astounded than the last at the infectious energy that exuberates from them… the charm that surrounds each member and well, just how bloody good they are live. Do you need any more reasons?


Some bands you listen to and you just know that they’re going to be something special; that’s exactly what happened when we first listened to Bloxx. Our love later extended after having a chat with them for our Introducing section… and then again even more with each new release. After seeing them at Truck Festival, we can also confirm that they’re just as, if not, even more, amazing live as they are to listen to recorded.


Daughter of the legendary Neneh Cherry, not that that matters though, as Mabel has fully impressed within her own right. From the sultry smooth ‘Thinking of You’ to her recent hits such as ‘Bedroom’, there will be few other chances to see her before she breaks and starts playing arenas. So, get in there now whilst you can.


It’s no secret that Anteros are one of our absolute favourite acts, and for that, there is a good reason. Their live show never falters from pure pop bliss, the energy with which they perform is second to none and well… what other band are going to literally take you to the moon?!


If you like to have music wash over you softly, wooing you into a hazy, dreamlike state. Then this is your band, think the softer side of Wolf Alice, paired with Slowdive, but with a whole heap of magic.

Nilufer Yanya

There’s something undeniably appealing about Nilufer Yanya, be it the subtle confidence in her delivery, the surprising and unpredictable twists, and turns in her production or that her sound is reasonably unique to pretty much everything else on the ‘scene’ at the moment. All we know is that you won’t be able to keep us away from this set. Not a chance.


Yonaka have had a hell of a year, they played our beloved #FUTURECUTS in the early stages and have since done their fair share of touring, in fact, have they ever stopped touring? We don’t think so. Sharing their phenomenal live show, we assure you that they’ll suck you in almost instantly, so come, join the Yonaka world and never look back.


It’s always good when acts fully commit to a performance and that is exactly what HMLTD do… and some. You’re not just seeing a band play live when you see HMLTD, you’re seeing a literal show. Artsy, encompassing and completely bonkers, this will be one you definitely won’t forget anytime soon.


A band still very much in their early stages, but one with oodles of potential and charisma nonetheless. Expect lots of energy, a lot of noise (bloody good noise at that) and a very satisfied feeling.


London-based punk band, Babyteeth, are creating unapologetic, hectic music that we promise you will not disappoint. Come and meet your new favourite punk band.