Black Honey 

It’s actually quite difficult to fully encapsulate just how mesmerising Brighton band Black Honey’s live sets are, attempts at explaining the dramatics, flamingos and general energetic chaos always seem to lack a certain something.

That something is most definitely front woman Izzy Phillips, it’s refreshing to see someone commit to both performing to a high standard, but to also providing a show. She fully immerses herself into every second of the performance. When on stage transforming into this powerful, godlike icon able to make anybody in the crowd do anything she wants at the drop of a hat. It’s intense… but in the absolute best way.

Fickle Friends

Another wonderful band to come from Brighton, Fickle Friends are quickly becoming the new masters of indie disco-pop. They signed to Polydor records and thankfully their 80’s infused modern sounds are now reaching new heights of recognition. They just filled their tent at Reading festival, even despite hosting an early set time of half 12… so you can be sure to expect a good time with their Bestival set.

Petite Meller

All the way from Paris, this is absolutely bound to be one of the (if not THE) most interesting set of the weekend. She’s gained an amazing reputation for her weird, yet wonderful, live performances/music videos, in fact everything about her is pretty damn interesting. She’s 21 and now based in East London, where she’s been steadily feeding out insanely infectious tracks such as ‘Baby Love’ and ‘Milk Bath’. Aside from that she’s very much been on the down low, a serious lack of live shows has left us hungry for more. This is an unmissable opportunity that you literally cannot afford to miss. 

Glass Animals 

They’ve just released their album ‘How To Be A Human Being’, which is arguably one of the most creatively indulgent musical efforts to come from recent times. Full of interesting characters and fascinating storylines, it was inspired by many things including the documentary vignettes of Les Blank and Erol Morris and secret recordings of stranger’s tales from when they were on tour. Even without the quality of music (which is incredibly high), it’s worth a listen. The same goes for their live sets… don’t miss out.


Scandinavian Aurora has those kind of ethereal vocals that take your breath away. Her music takes you on an emotional journey, what kind of emotions will vary, but one thing will remain consistent and that’s the high amounts of talent that exude from her. Her set at this years Glastonbury went down a treat and proved to everyone that although she might be new and small, her talent and voice is not and it deserves recognition… now.

Mura Masa

Mura Masa is one of the most lowkey, yet completely captivating producers that are on the rise right now. From Guernsey, he’s worked his magic with the likes of Nao, providing a gorgeous back drop of edgy, garage infused beats and he’s even had the likes of Shura on his side with her vocals featuring on ‘Love For That’. Think James Blake, but more exotic and you’ll be along the right lines, he’ still finding his place in the industry, but we’re certain that he’s carving himself a place to stay for a very long time.


Combining dance and blues sounds could be a risky move but Lotti Benardout, Arthur Delaney and Dom Goldsmith, we can confidently say, have been successful. The risk paid off fairly quickly as well, seeing as they seemingly came out of nowhere and bagged themselves a slot at Coachella of all places. They did this with no album, no previous U.S tour and that’s all down to ‘Dust’ the track that instantly won over the depths of the internet and has inadvertently thrown them in the direction of stardom. Be sure to go and see what all the fuss is about, won’t you?


Formerly Emily’s Army, Swmrs are branching out from the pop-punk route that they’d quickly enveloped themselves in before. Now favouring a much more dreamlike indie sound with an attitude filled edge, they’re taking their time with their releases though; wanting to give each of their release the time it deserves to be appreciated. Choosing instead to keep their fans engaged with other means, for instance a tour documentary, which if you watch, will be all you need to answer why you should be at their Bestival set.


This brother-sister duo are serious sibling goals. They both have such beautiful vocals, poignant, redolent and hypnotic they’re bringing us what can only be described as art-folk and we love it. They’re music creates an atmosphere unlike no other that will win you over in an instant.

Beaty Heart

This alt-pop trio have taken the sound that seems to have become the new trend in new music and they’ve set themselves apart. There’s not an ounce of hesitation or a dip in quality in any of their tracks, the consistency is like a complete representation of their determination to make it, and it’s impressive. Get yourself down to their set to have their tropical, catchy, soulful sounds wash over you.