One of the newest, happy additions to the UK festival circuit, Derby’s all-dayer 2Q Festival, has blown us away with their line-up this year. Featuring a diverse collection of exciting, new acts and a few well-known loves to headline, this is very promising for such a new event. We thought we’d help you out a bit and let you know who exactly you can’t afford to miss, although narrowing it down to just ten was no easy feat…



Kettering’s Temples have been very busy bees of late, announcing their second album Volcanoes at the latter half of last year for release next week (March 3rd). Sending with it a glittering sneak preview in ‘Certainty’, which did not fail in sending everyone into a frenzied excitement. The second taster came from track ‘Strange of Be Forgotten’ embracing their true selves and reminding us that we should all do the same. Their performance at 2Q Festival will come as part of a huge UK and European tour and is definitely not one to be missed, catch them before they take over the world because that is without a doubt what their next move is.



A delicately emotional and intense act, Benjamin Francis Leftwich has been providing us with the sounds to accompany any emotional situation for a number of years now. Slowly but surely working his way into our ears and our hearts to rightly deserve high placement on festival bills. The Saturday 2Q Fest all-dayer is set to be a busy one, so this is the perfect opportunity for a change of tempo without a change in quality.



2016 was a pretty amazing year for Fickle Friends; their Bubblegum pop tracks pretty much sound tracking the summer. Killer synths and pop hooks that will have you dancing in no time at all, their latest track ‘Brooklyn’ sees their sound become a lot more polished than when they dropped their debut track ‘Swim’ into the internet some three years ago. They’ve been in LA a lot recording that all-important debut album, so this will be a perfect opportunity to see them perform, potentially with some new material (we can hope, right?)



Black Honey are set to change the world (or at the very least, the music world), bringing dramatic Tarantino-styling’s to their music. Their journey so far has been carefully controlled starting off as a mostly secret band, the only way to learn about them was through a mysterious WhatsApp number. Now, of course, we know more about the minds behind some of our favourite tunes, from the vocals of Izzy B. Phillips to the incredible instrumentation of Tommy Taylor, Chris Ostler and Tom Dewhurst. Trust us when we tell you that this is going to be an unmissable performance, especially if Jerry the flamingo is with them…



Things have been looking pretty great for Toy since the release of their third album Clear Shot, last year. The Brighton band’s indie rock saw a change of pace to a much more mature and eponymous sound. There aren’t many bands who work harder than Toy, they’re almost constantly creating music, which is why their releases are so great, there’s sheer competition between their tracks as to which makes the cut. That same determination and devotion goes into their live shows, so this is a no-brainer really, isn’t it?



Will Joseph Cook’s alternative pop offerings have seen him gain quite the following particularly quickly, ‘Take Me Dancing’ and ‘Girls Like Me’ are pretty impressive offerings from the 19-year-old and his two EP’s are must listens, ‘Sweet Dreamer’ gaining rightly deserved attention across the likes of Radio 1 and pretty much resulting in him signing to Atlantic Records, his debut album is set for release on April 14th, so it’s almost certain that there will be some new track treats in this set.



Bringing pop and rock together in a loud, powerful and melodic mesh. Rews AKA Shauna Tohill and Collette Williams are uniting the UK/Irish music scene and once you listen to their absolute banger ‘Miss You In The Dark’ you’ll completely understand why. 2017 is sure to be a busy, yet rewarding year for them, so come and get excited with us, have a dance and fall in love with Rews.



Taking the best (and worst) parts of British Culture and making them musical. London duo, The Rhythm Method, are inspired by the likes of Ronnie Barker and Dennis Waterman and London in general. The simple, yet quirky production paired with almost spoken vocals and melodic, hopeful chorus’ are quickly stealing the hearts of those who see them live, so come along, bring a few bevvies and get all emotional about your own hometown.



Recently signed to Atlantic/Asylum records after appearing, what feels like, out of the blue, Brighton’s Yonaka are storming their way into the public eye, their debut single ‘Ignorance’ only appeared last February and one year on they’ve come a long way. Combining excerpts from the pop and rock genres expertly, they’ve made themselves appealing to a diverse variety of fans, which is definitely working in their favour… They also just played our first #FUTURECUTS show, so believe us when we tell you their live show is of near-unbeatable quality.



Alt-rock quintet, Yassassin’s debut release ‘Social Politics’ is more than enough reason on its own as to why their set at 2Q can’t be missed. But, if you need more reason, their second single ‘Pretty Face’, all about different types of manipulation, sees them united pushing forward their sound as a collective. Yassassin are a strong, new band with a lot of promise and you’d be wise to get behind them.